Thursday, 6 April 2017

Day 4 of the short-term exchange meeting in Rome

The Eternal City – a bridge between generations

It was a promising beginning of the fourth day. A sunny morning provided energy and optimism. Students gathered at school to finish writing short stories, each of them giving ideas to make an interesting beginning of the next year drama activities. When the task was done, we excitedly started the sightseeing of ancient Rome.  After changing several means of transport and stations we emerged from the crowded metro station in front of the majestic Coloseum.

The collision of two worlds (past and present) took our breath away. Masses of people from around the world came to admire the building which resists the ravages of time to tell numerous stories it witnessed through centuries. In 200, 500 or 1000 years it will be telling another story about happy and smiling faces of Turkish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Croatian students and teachers who enjoyed the sight of antiquity and monumentality long ago. It will also be telling about the optimism and friendship of the merry group, happily making memories and friends despite the need of speaking a foreign language to understand each other. Standing together in front of the monument they made a photo, catching a moment in time to cherish it forever.

Sightseeing continued along Palatino and Roman Forum to the Capitoline Hill, the highest of seven Roman hills, and to the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. How many people passed the same path and how many will walk this way? Our sightseeing ended at the square Piazza Navona. We were free to explore the city from there on, to enjoy the place with all our senses.

In the evening our amiable hosts organized a farewell party with all kinds of Italian food, desserts and beverages. Students showed their talent by singing and playing instruments. The evening culminated in dancing. Nobody could stand still and everybody moved in the lively rhythm, celebrating the opportunity of being in Rome, cooperating in our project activities and making new friends.

Goodbye Eternal City! You were, you are and you will remain a bridge to connect people and time. They say all roads lead to Rome, but one path leads from Rome to our hearts.

Written by Dujo Šantić
Translated by Natalija Moškatelo

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